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We are a friendly, professional and highly skilled firm committed to providing the highest quality of electrical services across the UK, ensuring that our electricians are qualified to the highest standard and work with the latest guidelines.

Who we are

We offer a full range of services covering all aspects of the Electrical Industry, from major projects to service and maintenance. We are experienced in all sectors and industries including retail, Leisure, Education, Commercial and Industrial.

We are a friendly, professional and highly skilled firm committed to providing the highest quality of electrical services across the UK, ensuring that our electricians are qualified to the highest standard and work with the latest guidelines.

Our business revolves around people and relationships and we endeavour to build strong and lasting relationships with clients, suppliers and employees. We consistently deliver quality installations on time and to budget.

Company Number: 14077494
NICEIC Number: 618752000

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Our services

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses lighting and power and data installations, catering to various sectors such as offices, retail, domestic properties, factories, and warehouses. We specialise in data installations, including Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6A. Our expertise extends to office maintenance, alterations, and refurbishments, as well as retail maintenance and refurbishment projects. From industrial installations to domestic testing and maintenance, we offer a diverse portfolio that includes periodic inspection reports, emergency lighting installation, full lighting design, LED surveys and installations, electrical maintenance and testing, and EV charger supply and installation.

Lighting and Power Installations

We expertly install lighting, power and distribution systems, ensuring efficient and reliable electrical solutions for diverse environments.

Data including Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A

We provide data installation services, offering expertise in structured cabling such as Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6A.

Office maintenance, alterations and refurbishments

Our service includes maintaining, altering, and refurbishing office spaces to enhance functionality, aesthetics, and overall efficiency.

Retail maintenance and refurbishment

Retail maintenance and refurbishment involves enhancing and revitalising retail spaces, ensuring optimal functionality, aesthetics, and customer experience.

Factory, warehouse and Industrial Installations

Comprehensive service covering electrical installations tailored for factories, warehouses, and industrial facilities, ensuring efficiency, safety, and compliance.

Domestic installation, testing and maintenance

We provide comprehensive services for residential electrical needs, including installation, testing, and ongoing maintenance for optimal home safety.

Periodic Inspection and Test Reports

Periodic Inspection and Test Reports involve thorough assessments to ensure electrical systems comply with safety standards and regulations.

Emergency lighting installed and tested

We provide installation and thorough testing of emergency lighting systems to ensure optimal functionality and compliance with safety standards.

Full Lighting Design and specification

This service involves creating comprehensive lighting plans and specifications tailored to meet specific requirements and aesthetic preferences.

LED lighting Survey, Supply and installation

We assess, provide, and install energy-efficient LED lighting solutions tailored to enhance illumination, efficiency, and sustainability.

Electrical maintenance and testing

Ensuring electrical systems' reliability and safety through routine checks, repairs, and testing for optimal performance and compliance.

EV Charger Supply and installation

We provide EV Charger Supply and Installation services, facilitating convenient and efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Recent projects

We’ve successfully executed a wide array of installations and upgrades across diverse sectors. From seamlessly integrating cutting-edge lighting and power systems in modern offices to implementing advanced data solutions like Cat 6A, our expertise has been showcased in various settings. Additionally, our team has excelled in delivering comprehensive office maintenance and refurbishments, ensuring functional and aesthetically pleasing workspaces. We take pride in our successful endeavors, ranging from industrial installations to residential projects, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every venture.
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Craig Denny
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Jessica Hubbert
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